Denfeld History

Spring 2011 Denfeld Renovation
Photos from April 1, 2011

Commons area and cafeteria.

Computer lab adjacent to new media center.

New media center.

New school store.

New lockers. Shorter, but deeper. No more locker partners; more room for backpacks.

Science classroom. The wall mount wrapped in plastic is for a Smart Board.

Science lab with windows into adjacent science classroom.

Auto shop with large drive-through door and space to work on 10 cars at once.

This is the not-so-top-secret location where a new time capsule will be placed by students. In addition to a message from 2010 Denfeld seniors, the capsule will include a note found in a milk bottle left by the builders of the original building in 1925. The bottle was discovered in 2005 while repairs were being made to Denfeld's Sixth Street entrance.

Recent News

Over thirty years ago, Dick Gastler's habit of wearing a ratty old leisure suit to class caught fire in more ways than one.
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