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Denfeld Reunion Tutorial/FAQ

Organizing your class reunion is a rewarding, but also challenging, endeavor. There are several ways the Denfeld Alumni Association can help, but with roughly a dozen reunions happening each summer, its role in each is obviously quite limited.

The following list of frequently asked questions has been developed to assist reunion organizers in their planning.

Who has a list of my classmates and their addresses?

Ultimately, class officers are responsible for maintaining address lists or delegating the responsibility. The alumni association does have lists for some classes, but those lists have been provided by class officers and are not updated by the alumni association.

Claudia Anderson, secretary to Denfeld’s principal, also has some class lists on file.

If I have an address list for my class, how can I share it with the alumni association?

You can e-mail electronic files to webeditor @ or mail a printed list to Denfeld Alumni Association, 4405 W. Fourth St., Duluth MN 55807-1494. Electronic files are preferred.

What is the best format for an address list?

The alumni association’s lists are composed in Microsoft Office Excel files. If you are creating a new list, and have the Microsoft Office Excel program on your computer, please contact the alumni association to receive a template for starting your list.

If you have a list in another format, the alumni association will do its best to transfer the list to Microsoft Office Excel and format it properly so classes with upcoming reunions can be added to the mailing list for the Denfeld Alumni News, the association’s biannual newsletter.

How do I share reunion information with the alumni association?

Contact the Web editor by e-mailing webeditor @

What are the critical reunion details to share?

There is plenty of room on to share extensive details, but the Denfeld Alumni News can seldom fit more than 35 words about each reunion. Make sure to mention the date of the event, the location, and contact information for finding more details.

A typical newsletter blurb looks like this:

“The class of 19XX will hold its XX-year reunion on (date here) at (location here). For more info, contact (name here) at (telephone and e-mail here) or visit (web address here).”

How do I link my reunion Web site to the alumni association’s Web site?

When you send your reunion details to the alumni association, your reunion will be added to the Events page on If you have a reunion website (or a general Web site for your class) the event listing on will link to that Web site.

What if my class doesn’t have a Web site?

If you want to create one, the alumni association can help you, for a fee. If you don’t want to create one, the alumni association will create a simple page for reunion details at no cost.

To learn how to create your own class Web site from a template, using a subdomain of, contact Cory Fechner by e-mailing cory @ or calling (612) 987-4568. This service allows you to edit your own pages, add photo albums, a message board, etc., for a setup fee of $200 and an annual hosting fee of $120 per year.

If you don’t want to setup a website, but would like to have extensive information about your reunion on a free page on, simply e-mail the information to webeditor @

Can the alumni association set up online registration for my reunion?

The alumni association does not create databases for online reunion registration. However, registration forms can be made available on for classmates to print and mail to reunion organizers.

If your class has a registration form it would like uploaded online, send it as an attachment to webeditor @ For an example, see the class of 1997’s registration form for its 10-year reunion.

Who can I contact about scheduling a tour of the school for my class’s reunion?

To organize a tour of Denfeld, contact Janice Kramer (janis.kramer @ If the tour is scheduled for a Friday afternoon or evening there will be no charge. If the tour is scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday there will be a charge of $100 per hour.

What are some popular reunion venues?

Clyde Iron Works | (218) 727-1150
Mr. D’s Bar & Grill, West Duluth | (218) 624-4178
Buffalo House Junction, Midway Township | (218) 624-9901
American Legion Post 71, West Duluth | (218) 628-1495
Black Woods Banquet and Conference Center, Proctor | (218) 624-3454
Duluth Entertainment Convention Center | (218) 722-5573