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George Dell Daedo

Born: May 17, 1909
Died: Feb. 29, 2008

G. Dell Daedo was Denfeld's fifth principal, serving from 1948 to 1963.

He was born in Vancouver, Canada to Rudolph Otto Daedo and Opal May Moore Daedo. They moved to the United States, eventually settling in Duluth in 1918.

During his 40-year career in the Duluth school system, Daedo held positions as a teacher, counselor, assistant principal, principal and director of secondary schools. During that time he obtained a master’s degree in psychology, a graduate certification in administration, and a scholarship to Wharton's School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania. He retired in 1972.

He married Verna Davidsen in 1935. They were married for 54 years until her death in 1989. Three years later, at the age of 83, he married Marjorie Jonasson. He spent his last years with her in Boise, Idaho.

Daedo was always very professional, dignified and almost never seen without a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie. He used his degree in psychology well in dealing with students who were often surprised that he anticipated their requests or knew about a party or was willing to give a second chance to a student who had made a mistake. Wayne Schumate, a former boxer, was his assistant principal and according to former students they often used the “good cop / bad cop” method to illicit information, with Mr. Daedo as the “good cop.”

One quirk: he ate popcorn with a spoon.

Daedo was president of the Duluth Rotary Club from 1963 to ’64 and also served on the board of directors of the United Fund and the Red Cross. He taught Sunday school classes, sat on various church committees and was sitting on the financial committee of University Christian Church in Boise at the time of his death.

In a letter he wrote at age 93 to the class of 1962, for its 40th reunion, Daedo noted: “Here it is Friday morning … and I must still face 1,500 students, football tonight, a dance afterward, and a request to dim the lights in the gym – ‘no way!’ By now you realize what a great school you attended, the community you grew up in, the faculty that served you, and your supportive parents. This combination made you, and each in your way have contributed to the aurora of the school.”

Upon his death in 2008, Daedo bequeathed $40,000 to the Greater Denfeld Foundation for student scholarships.

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